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OCR – А Сараblе Соnvеrtеr

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Маnу sоftwаrе modules аrе сараblе of соnvеrtіng vаrіоus types of files into eBooks. But ОСR, or Optical Character Recognition, software іs taking digital file conversion to the next level. Тhіs software makes it possible to take scans of your dосumеnts and physical books and turn them into easy-to-access eBooks. The software reads thе wrіttеn lаnguаgе аnd translates іt іntо a document extension. This is a skill set unique to OCR software.

Besides the accuracy of the conversion, OCR software is great for post-conversion editing. Other software would require you to reconvert the file, but a converted OCR file can be edited after the fact.

OCR technology is especially relevant in a world where eBooks are quickly gaining popularity. It would take weeks to retype a book, manuals, textbooks, cookbooks and other text-based documents and weeks more to perform a file conversion. All of that can now be done quickly and easily with an OCR conversion.

Pre-OCR, converting illustrated books or other image-heavy documents (magazines, training manuals, etc.) was a nightmare. OCR has made all of these conversions not only possible, but much simpler, and with a little time image-heavy document conversions can now be done much more quickly and conveniently.

At Convert a Book, we specialize in OCR conversions. We offer not only basic OCR services, but also Quality Assurance and editing services to ensure that your eBook is top quality. Despite the fact that OCR technology is sophisticated, various spacing and spelling errors are possible. All authors know how detrimental these small issues can be to the credibility of your work. We have a team specifically dedicated to finding and fixing these errors before they become a problem. What are you waiting for? Convert your book to an eBook today!


Why and How you Digitize your Books

Are you interested in making your book into an eBook, but not sure if it is worth the trouble? Books are wonderful, timeless, and magical, but more and more new and independent authors are selling books online. Did you know the blockbuster movie “The Martian” was originally a self-published book that was discovered online? The majority of Fifty Shades of Grey sales came from eBooks – they sold more than 1 million eBooks through Amazon alone. That set an Amazon record all because they digitized their book.

More and more authors are gaining recognition and boosting sales with eBooks. Making your books available to the digital world is vital to increasing exposure and building an audience base.

Another reason to add eBooks to your arsenal is the lack of overhead costs. Think about it — you pay for a one-time conversion, and that’s it. No buying boxes of books that sit in your garage forever. One file fits all — eBooks have an infinite download capacity. Bookstores have to keep their stock rotating and will only shelf your book for a certain period of time, but an eBook will be available on the online stores for as long as you want. You choose the price, the look, the vendor — essentially, everything.

Not only does an eBook give a wider audience access to your story, but it gives it to them immediately. Your readers won’t have to wait weeks to get a copy in the mail or for their local bookstore to get a shipment. If your audience loved your first book, they can buy and read your next the second it’s available. It keeps them captivated and the lower price points make it more affordable for them as well.

Here at Convert A Book, we specialize in digitizing physical book and turning it into a beautiful, professional ebook. We’ve worked with hundreds of self-published authors as well as large publishers, including HarperCollins and Random House, so you know we are a name you can trust. Just send us your book and we will take care of the rest.