7 Simple Steps That Will Make An Immediate Impact For Any Author


We have helped hundreds of authors reach more people and sell more books. In the process we discovered 7 simple steps that can make an immediate impact for every author.

1) Make sure your books are available on all the ebook stores. Amazon is a great start, but many people today are shopping on the iBookstore, Kobo store, Nook, and other places. It’s very easy to distribute your book across all these sites.

2) Google your book title–does it come up on the first page? If not, make sure all your social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, GoodReads, etc.) have links to your book.

3) Make sure you have a website with a page for each one of your books. This lets you sell directly to your customers without paying any commission to Amazon or Apple.

4) Make at least one chapter of your book available for download on your website and social profiles. Consider asking people for their email address before they can download the chapter.

5) Start building an email list of fans. This will make it easy for you to sell your next book to a captive audience. (Learn more about growing your email list here)

6) Ensure that your ebook is properly formatted. Many negative reviews are given based on the quality of the ebook conversion and not the quality of your story.

7) Write articles about your subject matter and distributing those on popular websites like Ezine; this is a cost effective way to get noticed by thousands of people.

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