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What is a fixed layout ePub?

Most eBooks employ flowing text technology. The reader has options to change the font and text size and the content flows to adjust to user preferences. Many books do not lend themselves to this type of conversion, especially children's books, magazines and content that is heavily illustrated or image-rich.

This file type is often perfect for cookbooks, travel books, photography books, some textbooks and particularly children's books.

Fixed layout eBooks have a specific page size and we can precisely control the layout of the objects on the pages. We can embed fonts, choose particular text sizes, and precisely position images. We can even create a two-page spread in which a single image spans both pages.

The fixed layout ePub format that we produce is for Apple's iOS 4 and 5, that is iPad, iPhone, and iTouch, but doesn't work properly in other ePub compatible eBook readers.

We also create a fixed layout KF8 Mobi format for Amazon Kindle Fire devices.

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