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What is Convert A Book?

How do I contact Convert A Book?

What are Convert A Book's fees?

What is Convert A Book's cut of sales?

How do I convert my book?

What formats does Convert A Book convert my book to?

What devices will my ebook be readable on?

Do I own the converted files?

Is my digital book protected from piracy?

Do I need an ISBN?

Does Convert A Book promote my digital book?

What is Re-Flowing Text?

What capabilities will my eBook file have?

Will I be able to review my new files? And can my eBook file be edited if I need changes made?

Do I need a cover image and are there special requirements for my cover image?

Can I convert a physical book to an eBook?

What is OCR? What does it cost?

Do I need a back cover for my eBook?

How do I protect my book from piracy?

What is DRM?

Is there a specific size of font I need to use?

Do I need to have the licensing for the fonts I use in my book?

What format do I need to use for my manuscript to have it converted?

What happens to the table of contents in an eBook?

Can my eBook have an index?

What is a fixed layout ePub?

Can you add audio and video/animation to eBooks? What does that cost?

Do I need an ISBN # for my eBook that's different from my physical book?

What If I don't have an eReader myself? How can I properly view my eBook?

Can you convert books in languages other than English?

Can my customers download the files you send me directly from my website?

Can you create a cover image for me? How much does it cost?

What price should I sell my book for?

What Stores do you distribute to?

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